Read This to Know How to Use of CBD Face Masks

Read This to Know How to Use of CBD Face Masks

In a number of ways, CBD is finding applications right from many beauty products to CBD spa treatments etc. CBD has really taken beauty product industry by storm.

Now with few additions of healing lotions, massage oils, ointments, and the latest skin care products and cannabis face mask, the circle has become almost full.

However, does CBD water pack mask really works? So far most of the evidence is anecdotal, since research about cannabis is still in the infancy stage.

We are yet to know much more about cannabis. Very little research is done, and hardly any human trials are carried out. However, scientists have been in a position to deduce few important things.

Now since we are aware about few skin-benefits that CBD oil can offer, many of you must be wondering how you can apply it on your face.

Following are few things to be aware about these CBD face masks if you decide to buy one.

  • Read the ingredients

CBD oil is a natural supplement, but few face masks may also have additional ingredients e.g. vitamins, essential oils, herbs, and many more. So, you must read about the ingredients list to ensure that they will not cause you any skin irritation.

  • Follow the directions

These face masks are not meant for everyday use like moisturizer. Only 1-3 times in a week is recommended based on your skin problem that you are trying to combat. Better read all the directions to follow them to get best use of the mask.

  • Find the type you like

There are different face masks meant for different skin types. However, typically there are 2 different types.

  1. One is sheet-mask, which lays over face to stay there, and your skin will absorb the ingredients.
  2. Others come in lotion, gel or cream form and available in container or any squeezable tube.
  • Check the dosage of CBD oil

All CBD oil masks contains some quantity of CBD oil present in them, however more is not necessarily considered better. Anything just over 5 mg/ounce can be beneficial.

  • Don’t go for cheap mask

As CBD’s popularity has tremendously increased many people are trying to capitalize it by supplying fake CBD oil. So, you may come across many cheap products in the market which may be fake.

You must do thorough research about the product before buying them.

  • How to use face mask

Try to know the best way of using face mask by following directions given on the package. Usually, you must wash and dry face before you apply face mask so that ingredients will penetrate your skin.

Allow some allotted time and then wash off as directed.

  • Where to find these CBD oil masks?

You can get CBD oil masks online, and make sure that you, buy from a company who is transparent about their product. Make sure that you know their physical address, and phone numbers etc.

  • Risks of using CBD oil mask

You must know that CBD oils are not regulated by FDA and not meant for treatment, cure, diagnose any skin issue. So, always consult your physician or dermatologist if you have any question.