5 Things To Do Before Boarding Your Dubai Flight

5 Things To Do Before Boarding Your Dubai Flight

Flying to Dubai for the first time from India, here’s what you need to do before travelling.  Make use of these expert tips to get the most out of your Dubai vacation!

Traveling to Dubai for the first time?  There are so many things to take care of before you book your flight tickets.

One of the popular cosmopolitan cities in the world, Dubai has myriad rules and cultural differences that can stump even the most seasoned travellers.  However, that shouldn’t stop you from heading to this amazing place.

Here, in this article, you can find a list of things to be taken care off, before you hop aboard your Dubai flight. Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, taking Bangalore to Dubai Flight or Delhi to Dubai Flight, make sure you follow these tips to have a safe, stress-free and enjoyable experience.

1.    Skip the Immigration Queues by Planning Ahead

Dubai is one of the most visited cities in the world and visitors have to wait in long queues to clear the immigration process. However, by paying a small fee, you can skip waiting in the line.

There are three types of fees:

•    Bronze

•    Silver

•    Gold

When you opt for the bronze plan, your name gets flashed on a special screen, and you can announce yourself at the counter without waiting in line. For silver and gold, you get personal escorts who guide you through the entire process.

This service is worth the fee especially if you’re travelling during busy periods like Christmas and summer holidays.

2.    Pre-book your visit to the Burj Khalifa

Want to visit the tallest skyscraper in the world? The Burj Khalifa has an observation deck that offers you sweeping views of the city from high above. However, the Fast Track tickets are limited per day.

If you don’t have the special access tickets, you may have to wait in line before hitting the observation deck.

When you pre-book, you are not only assured of a confirmed slot but also you can get the tickets at discounted prices.

3.    Keep a Tab on what’s going on

Dubai is a happening city, which has a packed social calendar. At any time of the year, you can find several international and Bollywood artists performing and a multitude of events like music concerts, literature festivals, food festivals, art expos, and shopping festivals.

Check out the events happening at the time of your travel or schedule your visit to coincide with an event that you’re looking forward to.

4.    Plan your Meals to Save Big

Dubai is a food lover’s paradise. With thousands of places to eat from Michelin-starred Restaurants to roadside shacks and food trucks, a visit to Dubai is a delicious treat for your taste buds. A Dubai trip is incomplete without checking out the all-you-can-eat buffets available at several restaurants around the city. From sushi to oysters, and unlimited desserts, these brunches are not to be missed.

However, as they are served only at licensed restaurants in upscale hotels, the bills are a bit steep. With a bit of planning, you can cut down costs considerably. Check out the popular apps like Zomato and Time Out for latest deals and offers. Also, check out in-flight magazines on popular carriers like United Airlines for exclusive coupons and deals.

5.    Currency Exchange

Foreign exchange should be availed before boarding the flight, or after you arrive in Dubai. The exchange rates at the airport are quite good, and you can get attractive deals if you’re converting large amounts of cash. If not at the airport, you can find exchange centres at all the popular shopping malls and tourist spots.

If you’re averse to carrying cash, then apply for an International Travel Card at your bank well before your travel. These cards don’t charge any hefty transaction fees for other currencies, making it ideal for your overseas vacations.

However, it takes around 1-2 weeks to receive your card, depending on your bank, so plan ahead of the journey date.

Apart from what’s listed here, you will have to apply for a Tourist Visa depending on your home country, subscribe international roaming for your mobile phone, and buy a universal adapter for charging mobile devices. Above all, don’t forget to pack in loads of sunscreen to escape the desert heat!

So are you all set for your trip?