Why You Should Try Booking For A Serviced Apartment

Why You Should Try Booking For A Serviced Apartment

Traveling are 2 things, either for business or for pleasure. Whatever your reason is, the fact that you arrived at your destination is what’s important in order for you to do what you have set out to do. But before anything else, first, you need to find a place to stay for the time being. Surely the obvious choice is a hotel, but is it really the best choice every time you travel?

If staying in a hotel is your way of spending your next days in a particular place (ideally) then go ahead. But don’t you think it’s important for you to have this option where you can stay and not just in hotels? There’s nothing wrong with hotels, but maybe sometimes staying in one doesn’t really feel like the home of a sort. If you’re this person that wants to spend their nights in places that feels like home, how about you check out another alternative to hotels? If you’re not sold here are some good reasons?

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Fairly reasonable price: If you’ve been a constant traveler, you would be able to know the pros and cons of checking into hotels. But because it’s what you got used to, you just have to agree to disagree with yourself that this is in fact the best thing and you live with it. If the charges below are something that you need to live with and are reasonable to you by all means:

  • Service charges
  • Tips
  • Add-ons
  • Room service
  • Costly food and consumables in the room
  • In a limited space

That extra spaceNow compared to your flat way back home where it has divided rooms, living room, bathroom and a kitchen, a hotel most of the time is cramped and only limited to a room and a bathroom. This is the reason why hotels don’t really feel like home. It’s just used for sleeping and that’s it. Unless you get the bigger rooms or the presidential suite which is a tenth of a price of the usual rooms. But in a services apartment, it’s fully furnished, well divided and with complete amenities except for room service.

There’s no place like homeThe greatest appeal of serviced apartments are the “homey” atmosphere that it offers. The typical set up when you go back to a hotel room after a long day of work or sightseeing is that you lie in your bed right away. It’s not like you have a choice since all you got most of the time is the bed and the bathroom. But, if you rent a serviced apartment, you get to lie on a comfortable couch, watch tv, order pizza. If you’re tired you get to go to the next room where your bed is going to be just like your flat way back home.

Hong Kong is no stranger to services apartments. And because of the flock of tourists and businessmen visiting Hong Kong all year round and not to mention the websites and apps that are promoting these services apartments, booking one isn’t that hard. If you plan to rent a serviced apartment with fully furnished in hong kong, Dashed serviced suites got you covered. The next time you plan to visit Hong Kong, give them a visit and experience a “homish” feel that you will never experience in a hotel.