3 Ways to Revamp Your Restaurant

3 Ways to Revamp Your Restaurant

Sometimes it is necessary to breathe a little bit of new life into your business. Here are three ways you can approach the task of revamping your restaurant.


If you don’t want to repaint the walls or rebrand the logo, you can begin by infusing some new flavors into your menu. You don’t have to go crazy, and you shouldn’t. Chances are customers have favorites they depend upon your establishment to serve, so leave the classics alone.

Instead, try adding a few new elements or dishes to the offerings. Instead of just having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, try a red pepper peanut butter with apricot jelly, or add Gouda to the grilled cheese. By kicking a few lackluster staples up a notch you could create a new favorite in no-time. A more subtle way would be to vary the ingredients you use. Try freshly cracked black pepper instead of ground, organic lemons, or locally sourced beef. You could make your own in-house sauces, which could open up an additional line of revenue in the future as customers begin to crave your homemade mustard, salsa, barbecue sauce, etc and want to purchase it.


Since the market is saturated with restaurants you will need to think about what makes your business unique. Is it the quality of your commercial restaurant equipment? Is it the type or theme of food you offer? Is it that you serve organic, vegan, or other dietary specific options? Whatever your niche is, play to this advantage. There may be five burger joints in town, but you’re the only one that offers poppy seed buns, and a free ice cream cone for birthdays, etc.

Sometimes your restaurant may not need a physical makeover as much as a digital one. Over 90 percent of adults use the internet to find information and over 40 percent of those searches are for local businesses. Maintaining a Google Maps listing, website, and Facebook page are the three basics that all eateries should cover. Most customers will not set foot into an establishment until they have checked it out online first, so having a digital presence will give your restaurant a fighting chance to make a good first impression and convert online scrollers into walk-in customers.


If your online presence is good and your flavors are hitting the mark, it may be time to take a look at your equipment. Have you been using the same grill for the past 20 years? It may be time to invest in some new commercial charbroiler parts. If you could save time and energy and offer new and exciting dishes by buying a piece of cookery it could be well worth the investment.

By having quality commercial restaurant equipment, flavorful menus, and a solid online presence, you can breathe some new life back into your business.