Common FAQs Related To Bongs And Water Pipes Answered

Common FAQs Related To Bongs And Water Pipes Answered

You are in the market to buy your first bong, but want to get familiar with it. Clearing your relevant concerns can help you make an informed purchase decision. You will get an idea of what to look out for in a new bong.

How does bong work?

A bong has four main components –

  1. Downstem or slide
  2. Tube or body
  3. Bowl or pack
  4. Percolator or perc

In some bongs, there are no percs but have diffused downstem. Bowl is packed with herbs, and attached to the downstem. The downstem has holes in the bottom, and carries smoke from the bowl to the perc or the body. The water gets filtered in the perc and offers a clean, smooth, and cool hit to the inhaler via a mouthpiece.

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Are bongs better than the hand pipes?

It depends on personal preference and situation at times. Discreetness and traveling are hard with bangs as they are bigger than hand-held dry pipes. Preparing and cleaning water pipes is taxing for a few stoners. Bongs are expensive. Do you desire a filter, smoother, and cooler smoking experience?

All these factors determine whether you need to choose a water pipe or a hand pipe. For something quick, dry hand pipes are best. For less carcinogenic hit go for bongs.

What is percolator?

Percolator holds water and allows filtering the smoke. Perc is available in varieties of shapes and sizes. Therefore their rates differ. Some bongs are available with inbuilt perks, while the remaining can get upgraded.

The cool level depends on the percolator design. Some percs have multiple slits & off chutes, while a few have less, but counts.

What is downstem?

It is a small glass piece connected to the bowl and bottom of the bong body. Generally, bongs with diffused downstem have slits to filter smoke. Downstem attachments can be ordered, but ensure you get the right size suitable for your joint.

Is bong a healthier smoking alternative?

In the stoner community, bongs are a healthy smoking option. Studies reported that diffused downstem bongs filter 99% carcinogens and particulate from the smoke. Dry pipes filter out only 20 % to 30%. Joints and blunts are notorious for health damage down the road because of the paper used to roll it.

Smoking is unhealthy because smoke is allowed to enter your crucial organ – the lungs. So, if you want to smoke, then using a water pipe with a high diffusion level and filtration is the safest method. It is even safer, then vaporizers that can damage your lungs over time.

Vapor heats and condenses, which causes the lungs to expand and cool. It leaves behind dense fluids that fill the alveoli and tissue within the lungs. Ultimately, the thick fluids crystalize.

What is a male or female joint?

Male joints look like a cone and have a taper, whereas female joints are wide like a funnel without any taper. When you want to buy attachments for a male joint then choose female attachments and vice versa. Look at the bongs attachments, and you will understand which gender the bong is.

The standard joint sizes are 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. Therefore buy bongs with these joint sizes to make replacement an easy process.