Get 20 Logbook Hours with This Safe Driver Course

Get 20 Logbook Hours with This Safe Driver Course

There is a great news for you if you are driving on L-plates. Completing a safe driving course can help you earn extra 20 logbook hours. It can help you qualify for your P license test sooner. This course can help you learn a lot of essential tips and tricks that you need to learn to reduce road risks.

That way, you can keep your pets, family, friends and your car safe from accidents. In both modules of the course, you will learn things like gap selection, speed management, safe travelling distance, etc. that can go a long way in your safe driving journey.

Entry Requirements to Enroll in Safe Drivers Course

To fully benefit from this course, you need to have the basics of driving already covered before enrolling in this course. You must also be age under 25 years and have a valid learner license to prove that you know the basic road guidelines. You should also have at least 50 logbook hours of driving. This should also include some hours of night-time driving.

However, three-for-one bonus do not count for these 50 hours. If you haven’t enrolled yourself in any driving lesson, you should check the Keys2drive initiative, which offers 1 free driving lesson.

How Does This 20 Logbook Hours Credit Work?

After you successfully complete the course, the NSW roads and Maritime Service will grant you 20 hours credit. Since the training is considered as a once-off event, you will qualify for these hours only once. However, if you take your driving lesson from a qualified NSW driving coach, you can include three-for-one bonus in 50 logbook hours. If you complete this optional driving instruction, you need only 100 more hours to get your permanent P plates.

Cost of Safer Drivers Course

The $140 fees of Safer Drivers course might sound expensive at first but extra returns that you get from this course makes it special. This course gives you quality driving instructions that helps you throughout your motoring life. It includes three-hour long group discussion with 6-12 other learner drivers and two-hour long in-car driving session with a qualified driving coach.

This practical experience helps you remember what you learned and recall anything in future in case of urgency. Since you pay $140 directly to your driving instructor provider, NSW roads and Maritime service don’t keep a cent of your payment. Ltrent is Australia’s leading driving instructor.

At Ltrent, qualified and licensed trainers follow both curriculum and practical based training to produce confident and safe drivers on road. You can always book, rebook or cancel an appointment at their website and develop a custom package that suits your needs.

Benefit for Disadvantage Learner Drivers

The NSW government subsidizes this course every year for 1000 students from disadvantaged backgrounds to provide equal opportunity to everyone to learn about road safety. If you are coming from such background, they will pay for you to attend this course.


This course can definitely help you prepare better for the rest of your driving journey.