Know Why Mouthwash isn’t Highly Effective Like Face Masks to Safeguard from COVID 19

Know Why Mouthwash isn’t Highly Effective Like Face Masks to Safeguard from COVID 19

Now in the COVID pandemic situation there are many guidelines given by World Health Organization to safeguard oneself from the infectious disease. One such guideline is to wear facemask. When a person is moving outside the house or even when among family members at home, it is advised to wear face mask.

What is facemask and why it is termed as the best infection prevention method?

The mask covers your face from the nose bridge to under your chin. Thus, your nose and mouth will remain well covered, safe from pollution and from the droplets of other person when you move in public area.

  • It helps to prevent spreading of COVID virus as tiny droplets from a person’s mouth or nose won’t reach other person, thus the spread of COVID virus can be curbed to a great extent.
  • There are chances of people spreading virus even if they are not troubled with any symptoms of the infectious viral disease. Thus, face mask is best aid to cover the face part that act as the carrier path for the virus to spread in a person body.

Now, it is a well-known fact that the virus firstly attacks the throat then pass to lungs and other parts of the body. Thus, people try every safeguarding method to keep their throat clean. They drink hot water, hot tea and even drink soup of herb extracts few times a day. While many individuals feel using mouthwash to clean mouth and throat with good reputed branded mouth wash will surely help to stay safe from COVID infection as it will kill the lurking virus in the mouth.

Many medical researches and WHO has stated that mouthwash agent of any kind won’t kill the virus. It only helps you to maintain your oral health. While even if you use therapeutic mouth wash, it won’t help as they are meant to reduce the presence of bacteria from mouth, but can’t help from preventing the spread of virus.

However, some research does prove that medicinal mouthwash is effective to reduce the unfavorable effectiveness of the virus. However, the effects may be different, thus it is always better to remain your mouth and nose covered to be safe from any kind of viral infection. This is because respiratory diseases always affect throat and nose initially as they act as the transmission path affects the internal organs of the body. Moreover, using mouthwash many times a day may result in affecting the sensitive parts of your mouth.

There are different kinds of face masks used for varied purpose. You need to opt for the right safety masks for you. The mask shouldn’t have negative effect on your skin. Thus, it is best to buy from reliable source like This online selling platform of the manufacturers of accessories made from organic material is well known and highly visited by customers.

Their designed facemasks are durable, highly safe and trendy, thus no worries over infectious diseases affecting your well being. Hence, it is best to rely on face mask to be safe in this pandemic situation.