Important Things To Consider When Purchasing A SUP For Your Children

Important Things To Consider When Purchasing A SUP For Your Children

SUP is a great exercise for the overall body. It not just strengthens the body but also stabilizes the mind. Paddleboarding can be a great experience with your children. It is a great opportunity for the family to spend quality time. So, if you are planning to do paddle boarding with your children, here are a few important to consider.

What Is The Ideal Size Of Paddle Board For Children?

Kids can easily paddle on smaller boards because they are less in weight and require less buoyancy. This doesn’t imply that they can’t paddle on a big board that can support an adult.

Find a paddleboard that lies in the starting size range of the adult size range. A child can paddle an all-around board i.e., 9′ to 10′ in length.  A seven-foot board is designed mainly for river surfing.

It is ideal for a young child playing around on the lake. A board of six-inch thickness will be perfect for a kid. It will help provide improved balance and will be simpler to climb back after falling in the water.

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What Type Of SUP Fin Setup Is Ideal For Kids?

Kids tend to break things quickly. Buy a board that has an unbreakable fin system. It should have a permanently attached set comprised of three flexible fins. You can even go for the one that has a configurable fin system. It lets you easily replace broken or lost fins.

What Is The Ideal SUP Dec Pad For Your Children?

You should always go for a deck pad that is made using resistant materials that will not get torn up due to careless use. Go for a board that is made from a reputable brand and uses quality materials.

Should You Buy A Hard Board Or An Inflatable SUP For Your Child?

This is another important question that people have when they plan to buy a SUP for their children. An inflatable SUP is more effective than hardboard for your kids. It helps in several ways. An inflatable SUP would not hurt as much when it hits the child on the head.

Go for an inflatable SUP that has got flexible fins. It is less hazardous compared to hardboard fins that can cause injuries to them. So, it is beneficial to avoid injuries and choose long term foundations with inflatable ones.

Tips To Do Paddle Boarding With Kids

Your kids must be new to this activity, so you as a parent should teach them the right way to perform this sport.

  • Set realistic expectations
  • Equip them with the safety accessories
  • Invest in the right size of stand-up paddleboard
  • Motivate them
  • Make it fun and convenient for your kids

Things To Consider When Buying A Paddle Board

You will find a wide range of paddleboards at varying prices, designs, and construction. Here are a few tips that will help you buy the right one.

  • Opt for a double layer drop stitch construction & technology
  • Value durability over price
  • Choose the one that takes a long time to deflate
  • Go for a versatile board that you can even carry for a trip, yoga, racing, etc.
  • Ensure it has high-quality accessories


Your kids can easily ride on any type of board. They will have an easy time on a smaller board but when they grow up it will not be of any use. It is wise to purchase a board that not just your children can easily use, but also you and other members of your family. This will result in a profitable long-term decision.