Does CBD Oil Expire? – Know How You Can Extend Its Shelf Life

Does CBD Oil Expire? – Know How You Can Extend Its Shelf Life

Every consumable product will have an expiry date CBD is not an exception to this. For few products, it is hard to say about their exact shelf life. For instance, the taste of milk changes even before the expiry date, but mostly it tastes good for several days to weeks after the shelf life. From this, it is clear that controlling the factors that make it stay longer is difficult.

Like milk, it is hard to predict the exact expiry date of CBD oil. If you want to know, does CBD go bad? And How to preserve it for a long time then this article is for you.

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How long miracle CBD lasts?

Usually, the label on the product says “sell by” or “best by” and others state the product manufacturing date. A few others will not possess expiry or manufacturing date.

There are not any studies that measure the CBD efficacy when it ages, only common sense will help to notify the difference in potency as it becomes older. According to the consensus, CBD and its products can last for 1 to 2 years.

In this article, you can know how long will the flavor and strength of CBD last during regular use and storage. It is quite tricky to know it.

Does CBD go bad?

CBD products will be made by using CBD and a few carrier substances, which give texture or shape to the products. In tinctures, alcohol will be used as a base and solvent, whereas in vape juices, glycerin and propylene glycol will be used. For instance, coconut oil will break down after 18 months. Products made with alcohol remain longer compared to products made by using oil.

These days, CBD products will not contain any plant material as they are extracted by advanced methods. So, degradation of products due to decaying bits is not a concern.

Preserving CBD oil and extending its life

The following are a few strategies to keep CBD oil fresh for a long time. They are:

  • Place your CBD products in the cool and dark place
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and humidity
  • Keep the lids or caps tight
  • If the smell or taste is bad, replace it
  • Keeping it near to stove, in a sunny room, and a car can speed its aging process, so avoid it

If you can take proper care you can maintain the potency and freshness of CBD for 2 years.  Few people feel that refrigerating can make CBD products last longer, but cold temperatures can create different substances in the e-liquid or oil. This means you have to shake it strongly to bring it back to room temperature.

Also, avoid heating as heat is the enemy of e-liquids and CBD products. In case, you want to store hemp strains, then use a tight jar or humidity-control packet, avoid refrigerating.

Choose the online store that sells the finest quality CBD products, order today, and take proper care to make them last for a long time.