Let’s calm your anxious mind

Let’s calm your anxious mind


Suppressing anxious thoughts never works; they will just keep popping again and again, and will sometimes pop up with more intensity. There are many effective ways which are cognitive-behavioral therapies and mindfulness-based stress reduction. Just delta 8has a wide range of gummies to offer and also many other relaxing and calming products like hybrid cartridge, etc.

Here are the 6 ways to help you clear your mind and move forward:

  1. Cognitive Distancing

Consider your anxious thoughts as just guesses. They are not facts. Your mind is attempting to protect you by telling you what could happen in the future—but because your mind is telling you something could happen doesn’t mean it will happen. Look at the objective side: What is the possibility that the negative thing will happen? Is there something extremely good that can happen instead? And what do you feel is most likely to take place, based on your experience and other info that you have about the particular situation?

  1. Cognitive De-Fusion

Stop being used by your thoughts. Consider your thoughts as the moving data that’s passing through your mind, instead of the objective truth about the particular situation. Human brains are extremely sensitive to threats because this is what kept the ancestors alive amidst the wild. Your thoughts can be the automatic reactions sent out by your brain that are oriented to survival. Choose if you want to believe such thoughts, instead of just accepting them.

  1. Mindfulness

Begin with observing your thoughts, instead of reacting instantly to them. Consider your thoughts as clouds that are floating by in the sky. Focus on which thoughts drag you in and which make you restless and stressed? Is there any way by which you can free yourself and just quietly observe your thoughts, instead of reacting to them?

4. Live in the Present

Is your mind reminding you of the past? Just because something very negative happened to you in the past doesn’t justify that it has to happen again today.  See if the situation, your knowledge, or your coping mechanism, has changed since the last time. Being an adult, you have a say on whom you want to associate with and also have the ability to identify and leave a worse situation than when you were a child or teenager.

5. Broaden Your View

Are you focusing too much on the negative aspects of a situation, instead of looking at the whole picture? Anxiety makes us focus on the immediate threat rather than helping us consider the broader picture. Analyze if the current situation is as important as your anxiety is making it? Will you still worry about this situation 5 or 10 years later? No, right! So stop worrying about it.

6. Get Up and Get Going

Worrying over a situation without finding a solution is not going to help you solve it. It can make you less likely to act on it by feeding your anxiety. If your mind is stuck thinking about a particular problem, you can stop that by getting up and moving or doing some other task or work. And when you sit back down, you’ll have a different perspective.