How to Use the Bellman Stove Top Maker

How to Use the Bellman Stove Top Maker

The Bellman Steamer can be used in conjunction with a camp stove to make espresso.

Bellman is made mostly from stainless steel. It is suitable for outdoor enthusiasts who are passionate about the outdoors. This espresso maker and steamer can be used with induction (top must fit 304 grade stainless), gas, and electric stovetops. It can also be used over a fire, making camping coffee possible. It’s made of stainless steel and bakedlite, so it will last for many decades.

The coffee lover who loves espresso-based coffee drinks like the classic flat-white, the long-black, and the pure magic espresso will love this coffee maker.

These are the steps to use Bellman Steamer

Adding water

The top knob should be undone. Next, remove the filter basket and lid. In the coffee maker, pour water. The maker will indicate how many cups you want to make, e.g 3,6,9. You should fill water until the indicated amount. Make sure to not cover the safety valve with any water.

Freshly Ground

Do not grind coffee before you brew. Blend on the stovetop. If you want to make 3 to 6 cups, place the reducer in the filter basket. The filter basket should be filled to the top with coffee grounds. To ensure that the coffee grounds are evenly distributed, tap the filter basket gently on the countertop. He filter basket gently on the counter top. To ensure that the basket is full, add a little more coffee grounds to it. Put the filter basket in the maker again and secure the Bellman’s lid. Screw the knob onto the maker to secure it in place.

Brewing Process

The water will boil after 3-10 minutes depending on how hot the coffee was made and how much espresso you brewed. Once the water has boiled, the espresso will start to drip from the brewing spout. When the steam is added to the brewing spout, the stream of espresso will get stronger. If you want a stronger brew then turn off the coffee valve and let it run for 30-60 seconds. After the stream of the espresso is replaced by steam, close the coffee valve. Turn off the heat if you only want espresso.

Steaming Milk

Let the machine heat for three to five minutes, until the boiler pressure is high enough to steam the milk. Fill the pitcher with milk to the desired volume, but not more than one-half. Steaming will increase the milk volume twofold. The desired serving quantities of 1/2 to 2/3 espresso and 1/3 to 1/2 milk will be used to estimate the fill quantity. The pitcher should be placed under the steam tube so that the tube tip touches the milk. Slowly open the steam valve to create strong, steady stream. Slowly move the pitcher from one side to another, moving it slightly up and down. The milk will swirl and turn steamy and foamy. Continue to stir the milk until it reaches the top of your pitcher. Do not boil the milk. It can be difficult to make rich milk foam, so it may take some practice. The steam valve should be closed. The steam tube should be removed from the pitcher. Turn off heat. Turn off the heat source. The steam tube should be cleaned of milk, as this can block the opening. Open the steam valve upside down and let the steam escape. Add 1/2 to 2/3 cup espresso to each cup. If you wish, add sugar. Add the frothy steamed milk.

You’re now ready to enjoy the Bellman Coffee Maker experience.