Top Five Beaches In Malta

Top Five Beaches In Malta

Malta best beaches may be small, but they are very popular with holidaymakers. Tourists flock to this popular beach destination for sun worshippers, historians, extreme sportsmen, and others. Unfortunately, the main sandy beaches such as Mellieha, Golden Bay, and Golden Bay are often crowded because of their rocky shoreline.

Ghajn Tuffieha

Ghajn Tuffieha beach is one of the most unspoiled in Malta. It can be found in Malta’s northern west. It is actually one of the three beaches that make up Golden Bay. The 200-step descent down the cliff to reach this particular beach is quite difficult. Although some may be put off by the steep descent/ascent, the serene atmosphere makes for a tranquil and relaxing spot. You can also find parasols, sun loungers, and umbrellas once you reach the shore. A snack bar is available, so you have all the conveniences of a cafeteria without having to queue. Take a day to soak up the sun and take a dip in shallow waters.

Mgarr Ix Xinyi

Even though the beach is small, it offers beauty and tranquility. It is found in a deep valley. It is easy to access by car. This beach is pebbly, so make sure you bring something to lie on. The bay is known for its beautiful waters and the small caves and high rock formations that are located on either side. This makes it an ideal spot to swim, snorkel and dive. The 17-century tower guards this beautiful cove. Also, it marks the beginning of a charming walk along the ancient path that descends to the beach.

St Peter’s Pool

St Peter’s Pool in Malta is a hidden gem. This natural pool is located in Marsaxlokk. It’s a great spot for relaxing and getting away from touristy places and busy crowds. The pool is surrounded on all sides by flat rocks that are warmed by sunlight. The pool itself, however, is perfect for snorkeling and sunbathing. There are no facilities, but the beauty of this place is its solitude.

Blue Lagoon Comino

Make sure you take the ferry to Comino so that you can spend the day exploring Blue Lagoon. Two beaches with white sandy beaches are available in this beautiful bay. They are surrounded by large rocks, which provide great sunbeds and a perfect perch from which to dive into the crystal-clear waters. The lagoon’s shallow waters make it ideal for swimming. It also has a lot of interesting fish and caves that you can explore. You will be able to grab the best spot if you arrive early in the morning.

Ramala Bay, Gozo

Ramala Bay is Gozo’s biggest beach. It is known for its distinctive bright orange and red sand. It is the most stunning beach in Gozo, thanks to the breathtaking blue water of the Mediterranean. The beach’s curving bay lies at the bottom of an unspoiled valley. There are wild rocky headlands at both ends, making it a natural wonder that this beach is so beautiful. It is not crowded despite being well-known. Take a soak in the sun, relax in the shallow waters, or go exploring by climbing up to Calypso’s Cave. This cave is where Odysseus and Calypso spent seven years. There are also stunning views from the spot.