7 Reasons To Visit Malta

7 Reasons To Visit Malta

Malta could be the perfect place for you if you are looking for somewhere new to live in Europe. Malta is a great country because of its warm people, great food, and excellent location to travel to other European destinations.

Malta has it all – a rich culture, delicious food, and a pleasant climate.

1. A Welcoming Visit To Malta

The Maltese are known for their generosity, friendliness, and hospitality. People from Malta are warm-hearted and will go out of their way for guests to feel at home. Most people are friendly and willing to help if you have any questions or need assistance.

This is a characteristic that is deeply rooted in the Maltese culture. It makes for an extremely warm and welcoming environment. It’s something that I have heard many people mention when they travel to Malta.

2. Almost Everyone Speaks English

English is Malta’s second language, which helps to remove the language barrier many tourists face when they travel to other destinations.

Malta was part of the British Empire for 160 years, gaining independence in 1964. This shaped the country’s history and the lives of its people. Most of them now speak the English language well.

This is a significant benefit for English-speaking tourists. However, Maltese is still the primary language of the majority of Maltese citizens.

3. Points Of Interest

Malta offers a lot to those who are interested in spending time at points of interest.

You can also visit many fascinating museums and attractions in a small area, which is a rare feature for most tourist destinations. Instead of spending half the day travelling, you can organize day trips that combine a visit to Mdina and the Tarxien Temples.

Many tour companies can arrange tours to the Maltese islands. However, there is a price. It is easy to navigate the islands using public transport, or hiring a car to drive yourself. You can also take a bus tour that allows you to visit many places in a short time.

4. A Wide Range Of Hotels And Other Accommodation Options Are Available

You have many options when it comes to accommodation in Malta or Gozo. There are many options for accommodation in Malta and Gozo, including 5-star luxury hotels and more affordable 4- and 3-star hotels.

St. Julian’s and Bugibba/Qawra are the most popular areas for holiday resorts and hotels. They are located along the Northern coast of Malta.

If you love to go out, St. Julian’s accommodation is a good choice. However, it is close to Malta’s nightlife hub, so staying there is not recommended for families or couples who want peace. Places like Mellieha or St. Paul’s Bay offer better accommodation options for travellers. Hotels by the sea in Malta is great option for accommodation in Malta.

5. Weather

Malta’s weather is a major reason that more than a million tourists visit the Maltese islands every year.

Summer is great for sun-seekers and beach-goers. Winters are mild with high temperatures and plenty of sunshine for those who want to escape the cold, dark winter months at home.

6. Things To Do – Activities, Sports, And Leisure Activities

With so many things to do and see in Malta, it’s hard to get bored. There are many leisure activities and sports that you can do in Malta, including paragliding, scuba diving and windsurfing. Many hotels have indoor swimming pools, gyms, and tennis courts. This is great for those who like to keep active even when it’s not too hot.

Many materials required for outdoor sports can be rented at a very low cost. There are many locations where you can exercise these sports. Gozo is known for its rock climbing and mountain biking, as well as its tranquil roads and great hill, climb.

Divers can also enjoy scuba diving on various Maltese islands. There are many diving spots (scuttled ships) and certified PADI courses. You don’t need to miss any major football matches or other sporting events if you just want to watch sports. Many pubs, as well as sports bars, have satellite dishes on their roofs. Most also display the sports events on chalkboard notices outside.

Tourists love to enjoy events such as theatre shows and pop concerts, as well as historical reenactments like In Guardia.

7. All-Year-Round Holiday Destination

A holiday in Malta is different from other Mediterranean destinations. You have many options even outside of peak season. Many people visit historical and cultural sites in Malta to find out more about the country’s past, present and future.