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Write for us

Do you want to write for a travel blog, or would you rather write for a travel magazine? Looking for a travel-related website that accepts guest posts? Then you have arrived at the correct location. Your travel story might be published in Houseofkava.com with our assistance. You shouldn’t only store all of the pictures you’ve taken in the gallery of your phone; you should make them available to everyone. You are welcome to write for us and share your travel experiences with the community known as “Travellers.”

Please Find The Submission Guidelines Listed Below:

  •  Your trip essay should be 100 percent unique 
  • A travel article needs to be over 500 words, with the maximum number of words depending on how well the piece has been researched and produced.
  • Should include high-resolution photographs that do not require permission to use
  • All content that is sent to Houseofkava.com will be reviewed by our authors to ensure that it is of high quality and accurate, and we will not tolerate the submission of any false information.
  • Only one backlink with the no-follow attribute enabled can be placed on your website. There will be a penalty incurred if you are anticipating a do-follow link.
  • Before you write an article for Houseofkava.com, take a look at some of our older articles that are related to the topics you want to write about. This will help both of us improve the user-friendliness of the blog, and it will ensure that readers receive as much information as possible regarding a specific subject.
  • Rather than focusing on a few different keywords, each article should focus on one major keyword and include several different variations of that phrase.
  • The article needs to include a Meta title and a meta description that include the keyword being targeted.
  • One keyword should be included in the Meta title, and two keywords should be included in the Meta description.

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